About Bandwidth Consortuim
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About Us

By presenting the bandwidth requests of our members to our network partners as a wholesale purchase, we provide reliable Internet bandwidth at much lower prices than are commercially available. We do not merge the bandwidth into a shared pool at any point; Every member gets a dedicated and independent Internet connection with reliable last-mile connectivity. The secretariat coordinates the processes that lead to lower prices for the group and continuously monitors to ensure that members get the best possible service.

As a not-for-profit organization, we want our members to get more Internet bandwidth and we want you to pay less for more. So that you enjoy your service to the fullest, we also go the extra mile to help you eliminate internal network issues by sharing best practices and interfacing with upstream service providers where necessary. Our network engineers have also been known to wade in and help control bandwidth hogs on member networks.

What We Do

Lower cost is not the only advantage of Consortium membership. In planning, we recommend informed strategies for a cost-effective redundancy path in addition to what each network operator already offers. As part of our strategy for uptime that is higher than the norm, we have an automated monitoring and alerting system with a direct line to the network operators for rapid response when outages do occur.

After several years of working with both small and large networks beyond just delivering Internet access, we’ve gained very valuable experience. Managed by personnel with ISP industry experience, members get a better interface with network operators because we understand their challenges and can speak their language.

Talk to us today about how you can get more and better Internet access without necessarily increasing your budget.

Lower cost Internet